Week of September 6th

Elementary, High School & College Levels

Back To School Prep - Intensives

AiA Back To School Intensives are carefully designed to help make the transition from one grade to the next as seamless as possible for students from all grade levels.
Throughout these intensives, students will be provided with a refresher on the material learnt the previous school year, and be introduced to many of the core concepts forming the basis of their mathematics studies in the next school year.

This 1-week intensive Camp strives to enable students from grade 1 to sec 5 to start the school year with greater confidence, preparedness, and an extra edge.

More than just Mathematics

These intensives train students for excellence in the 2021/2022 school year.

Alongside getting a solid foundation in key subjects such as Algebra, Fractions, and Statistics, they will also be taught essential study skills necessary to help develop strong work ethics. Exercises are carefully designed to help provide students with the tools and resources needed to not only succeed in solving difficult math equations, but thrive in all subjects as well.

Time management skills, critical thinking, big-picture thinking, learning methodologies, and test-taking tips and tricks attained throughout the duration of the course are such that will be foundational to the continuation and completion of their educational journey.

Interactive, Engaging, Activity-Based

All students of our Back To School  Intensives will enjoy the collaborative environment we foster. 

Smaller classes ensure one-on-one support from our expert instructors, enabling for continual feedback and guidance throughout the course. The interactive nature of the program enables students to better engage with the course content and learn from one another, while having fun.

All lessons taught incorporate real-life examples, practical individual and group activities, exercises, and more!


Week of September 6th

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