COVID-19 Protocols

Ensuring the safety and well-being of our students remains one of our top priorities here at AiA. 

We are committed to implementing the following guidelines put in place by the government of Quebec and Canada:

    • We agree to validate each employee’s state of health with the employee to ensure that the employee exhibits no symptoms. All employees are informed of the procedure for leaving work if they exhibit at least one of the symptoms linked to COVID-19.

    • We have rearranged all workstations and reviewed all work methods to respect 2 metres of physical distancing whenever possible.
    • Whenever possible, 2 metres of physical distancing is respected when entering and exiting the workplace and during breaks and meals..
    • Our washrooms are cleaned and disinfected every day.
    • Our dining dining area is cleaned before and after each use and disinfected every day (e.g. tables, refrigerator door handle, chair backs, microwaves).
    • The frequently touched surfaces (e.g. doorknobs, faucets, toilets, game materials and sports equipment) are cleaned after every class.
    • Water and soap or a hydroalcoholic solution of at least 60% are available for hand washing.
    • Posters are installed as reminders of the importance of hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette and physical distancing at key locations (entrance, rooms, washrooms, exterior doors, etc.).
    • The monitor-participant ratio prescribed in the context of COVID-19 by the Direction générale de la santé publique are respected at all times. The current ratio is: Floor area in m2 accessible to customers ÷ 20 m2

COVID-19 Protocols put in place for our Fall courses:

    • Upon arrival, only 1 parent will be allowed to sign their child in at the welcome station. Both the parent and child must be wearing a mask and must sanitize their hands. Only 1 parent and child will be permitted at the welcome station at a time.
    • The parent will sign their child in. This signature also validates that they or their child have experienced none of the COVID-19 symptoms in the last 24 hours.
    • Before entering the classroom, the child’s temperature will be taken. Any child whose temperature is above 38 degrees will be asked to return home.
    • Each child will walk into the classroom one at a time.
    • In the classroom, each child will have a designated seat. Each seat is measured to maintain a distance of 2 meters.
    • Masks are mandatory and will be kept during the entirety of the class. 
    • All games and activities will maintain the 2-meter distance requirement.
    • At the end of the class, each child will leave the classroom one by one, where they will be asked to sanitize their hands and individually be escorted to their parents. This ensures limited traffic.
    • A COVID-19 emergency kit containing gloves, procedure masks, protective eyewear, a reclosable bag, an overgarment (smock), and a hydroalcoholic solution of at least 60% will be prepared and will remain on the premises at all times.